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Broken shoulder – my ride is over

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. I was 85 miles into my 86 mile ride yesterday when a pickup truck and I were in the wrong place at the wrong time together. He wouldn’t go around me so I sped up to get out of his way. At one point, I took my left hand off my handlebar to look at my directions and confirm my upcoming right hand turn. I then hit a huge dip in the road that sent me flying. If he had just gone around me, I would have been going a lot slower and wouldn’t have been on the very edge of the road. I know I would have missed that big dip. The cowboy in the truck stopped and told me that I was doing 30mph and he kept saying that my left hip looked like hamburger meat. Needless to say, that wasn’t helping. An ambulance was called and I was taken to the hospital in Clinton, OK. I have really bad road rash on my left knee, hip and elbow. They decided to not stitch up my elbow because it is such a bendable area. The people on the scene thought that my bone was sticking out. An X-ray was taken of my shoulder which confirmed that it is broken. X-rays were also taken of my left hip and my femur. There isn’t any skeletal damage but probably a lot of soft tissue damage. I truly can’t even walk right now. With the amount of pain I have in my left leg I’m surprised that something isn’t broken. I spent the night in the hospital and I’m still here right now. I’m hoping to get out within the next few hours. They have me on some pain meds and told me to go back to St. Louis and see an Orthopedic Surgeon about my shoulder. I would love to continue biking but know it wouldn’t be safe. My arm is in a sling and if I can’t hold on with two hands how am I going to hold on with one? If I can’t walk, how am I going to pedal another 1,033 miles. I have Kristin and Will to think about and need to remain healthy for them.

Thank you so much for all the support and prayers. I was having the time of my life out there. Being in the middle of nowhere and pedaling for my sons was very therapeutic. Seeing the countryside on a bike was amazing! Many times, Matthew’s funny sayings would pop into my head as I was going down the road. Yesterday, I had to ride through an underpass of the highway that had thousands of bats flying around. There was no way around it! Matthew then popped in my head saying, “betcha didn’t see that one coming.” No Matthew, I didn’t see the tunnel of bats coming. I loved getting chased by the dogs running from the farms. I would always turn and yell “not today boys” as I would hammer down on the pedals and pull away. I truly felt like a kid again.

One of my goals with this bike ride was to show other parents who have lost children that they can get through it. They can go do good things in the memory of their child or children and help others. I’m not done. I’ve already been online scoping out other bike rides. My sons never gave up and neither will I. More than likely, a child somewhere in this country today is being told they have a form of Histiocytosis. I have to ride for them! Hopefully, everything will continue on just a few months down the road. Thank you so much for all the support. It has meant a lot to me and helped more than any of you will ever realize.


  1. Libby Libby
    May 25, 2011    

    I wasn’t expecting to read this post! I am so sorry your ride was cut short, but I know you will never give up. I pray your body heals to 100% quickly.

  2. Cheryl Tomasso Cheryl Tomasso
    May 25, 2011    

    Hi Justin! Glad you are okay. I mean a broken shoulder is painful, but this could have been sooo much worse. I work with some biking enthusiast at the hospital, and they were pulling for you. ( they do the Pan Mass Challenge and the MS ride) when I told them the distance you were going, they were amazed. I told the the cause as well and they are behind you. Rest up and feel better,

  3. Tasha Tasha
    May 25, 2011    

    Justin, I’m glad that you are okay. I bet this was the only way God could get you off of the road as the horrible storms and tornado’s pounded us here in OK. I’m truly sorry to hear of your accident and I look forward to your next adventure. I hope to meet you when you get back on the road.


  4. Terri Joos Terri Joos
    May 26, 2011    

    So sorry to hear of your injuries. Praying for your fast recovery. God Bless

  5. Shawn Stevenson Shawn Stevenson
    May 26, 2011    

    Justin, you are a true hero… Part of the hero’s journey is coming to extreme challenges, facing them head on, growing, and continuing ahead… all the while inspiring others. You have inspired me, and more people than you can imagine. Thank you.

  6. stephanie stephanie
    May 27, 2011    

    sorry to hear about your bike crash!!!
    hope you are back home soon and feeling better.
    my daughter and her friends bought tickets to the cardinal game to watch you throw out the first pitch, so hopefully you will be feeling better by then. If not they will still have fun at the game in memory of andrew and matthew.

  7. Nancy Strong Nancy Strong
    May 27, 2011    

    Hoping you made it home to St. Louis and are feeling better. I guess no news is good news. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers. Hope it’s a good weekend for you, Kristin and Will.

  8. May 28, 2011    

    Bummer dude! What a great time you had. I knew you’d love that feeling of riding through the country side. it’s very calming. and all the funny things you see along the way. great story about Matthew’s voice – that’s a great line that you will be hearing over and over again!

    mend well and we can’t wait to hear when you return to the road to finish.

    good luck – much love –

    Sam, Mina, Maya and Jaden

  9. Dave Hauser Dave Hauser
    June 1, 2011    

    I’m not a fan of quoting too many pop songs, but Old Man by Redlight King has a few lines that resonate for me:

    “Cause it’s not about winning
    It’s the rivers you cross
    And the pain that you feel
    Could be the fuel that you use”

    Rest well and then I hope you get back on the bike and conquer your goals.
    Best Wishes,

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